Pros And Cons Of Cell Phone Tracking

Cell Phone Tracking

Before GPS was introduced in the mobile devices, if a mobile phone was lost the only way to track it was through triangulating the cell phone’s position. But the scenario today is entirely different; there are many localiser un portable gratuitment (locate a cell phone for free) applications which can track your lost mobile by using GPS location. Read to know more. Since all the application work by using the GPS location, it is essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone tracking.
Though the GPS receiver you can keep safe, avoid losing the phone and find your way. The GPS can reveal your current location when the phone received its signal. This technology also brings concerns about privacy.

Emergency Services
Emergency service providers can use the information that they receive from the phone provider to find the location. That location is relative to the position of the tower nearby, and police, fire or any other department will be able to locate you even if you cannot tell the location or speak to them.

Business Management
Businesses issue mobiles to its employees for official reasons so that they can track information about the employee’s whereabouts. They can locate where employees spend their time while on the job and out of it. The tracking service also provides features like display warning when driving fast and is more than the legal speed limit. That feature is advantageous to transport and delivery companies.

Child Safety
Tracking services help parents track where their children are at all times. Some cell phones come with software embedded that sends data to the phone’s location to centrally located servers through the mobile network. Parents can log in to the service online and then view the place and check where their kids are currently or where they had been previously. That becomes important if they have been doing locations which are dangerous to kids.

Friend Tracking
Mobile phones can have a feature that can track friends or your colleagues. That feature will help them enhance both social and business life. One of the examples of such an application is Find My friends. It is an application which can be downloaded on your iPhone and that service displays on a map the current location of your friends or colleagues. That will allow you to also find each other in crowded places like a musical event.

The major drawback of this service is its concern for privacy. Mobile phone companies can exploit the information that they gather and get a peek of the private lives of their customers. That information is liable to be sold to other companies for money which can be misused. But every mobile user can disable the location service so that the data is not available to mobile companies. But it is recommended that you enable the location tracking service when you are in an isolated area or use a tracking service like the find my friend so that you are in touch with your friends or colleagues. Even if you disable the location service, the police and other emergency services can track you down to the location of the phone.